Tulle Trench Coat, hand stitched.  Each panel lined with lotto scratch offs collected from the streets of New York, Texas, Florida, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.
 Parsons Thesis Collection  All clothing designed and made by Rosie.  Photography: Liz Renstrom/ Gifs: Alex Thebez/ Model: Maja Ho/ Set Design: Rosie 
 Parsons Junior Preview Collection  All clothing designed and made by Rosie  Photography by Liz Renstrom, Gifs by Alex Thebez, Model Aurora Bell, Makeup by Nikki Demming, Set design by Rosie 
 A collaborative project between Rosie La Jaguara and Lorenzo Bueno including a 5 piece collection made from ULINE gloves.  Photographers include Brooke Gardiner, Jayne Lies, and Patrick Spears.
 All bags constructed by hand by Rosie including all hand painted details.